Just A Few Of Us - Small

Just A Few Of Us - Small

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Each plate serves 2-3 people for the intimate gatherings of 2020.  Each plate includes Cana de Oveja (Bloomy/Spain/Past. Sheep), Prairie Breeze Cheddar (Semi Firm/Iowa/Past. Cow), & Tarentaise (Washed/Vermont/Raw Cow).

Accompaniments: Marcona almonds, sweetie drop peppers, pitted castelvetrano olives, 61% dark chocolate, dried apricots, dried cranberries & fig jam.

Add ons:

Prosciutto +5, Crackers +5, Proscuitto + Salami +10

Christmas Eve Pickup - as of 12/22 we have 5 spots left.  

Please add to the notes the date and time of pickup.  We can have these ready as early as 10 AM. 

Cana de Oveja -  This creamy, gooey cheese has a bloomy rind with a flaky, crumbly texture with notes of tangy butter in the paste. Cana de Oveja is aged for 21 days, as it ages, the flavor intensifies. It pairs well with white wine, almonds and fig spread.

Praire Breeze Cheddar -  It is sweeter than your typical cheddar with lots of flavor, crumbly yet creamy with a little crunch from the calcium crystals developed during the aging process.  It’s nutty tones and fresh canned pineapple scent distinguish it from all other cheddars and makes you want “just one more” bite of this unique cheese.  It melts beautifully and is our most beloved and decorated cheese.

Tarentaise - The only cheese to win best in show at the American Cheese Society TWICE (Tarentaise & Tarentaise Reserve)! Tarentaise has the classic nuttiness of traditional Alpine cheese, with complex layers of flavor, underscored with herbaceous, savory, vegetal notes.